PLANTS is a two week intensive program that teaches effective skills and the right heart attitude to help participants confidently learn a new languaculture (language + culture). Opportunity for immediate implementation of new skills is provided through ten hours with a Language Nurturer in a small group. Additionally, PLANTS for children is designed with age appropriate materials to help children transition well and gain confidence that they can learn a new language and culture.


Dates / Locations

What to Expect

Peter Pikkert is a lifelong languaculture learner who has spent most of his adult life in the Middle East.  Since 2014 he and his wife Anna have served at Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training in The Netherlands where he teaches Missions, Bible and Doctrine. PLANTS is a participatory, understanding-comes-first method which mirrors how children learn yet is designed as an integrated, personalized, pro-active, long-term approach for adults to be languaculture learners. During PLANTS you will have 10 hours with a language helper/nurturer in a small group to practice methods and gain skills and confidence.

  • a 10-day program (middle weekend without class instruction)

  • Discussion of benefits of grammatical and Language Helper approaches

  • an extensive resource notebook of languaculture learning techniques

  • understanding of the inseparable nature of language and culture (languaculture)

  • discovering the importance of entering a new culture as a humble servant

  • creation of a language learning plan to fit the learner and the context

  • foundations of Phonetics: ears trained to begin to distinguish the fine difference between sounds and understanding of the structure of the vocal apparatus and how it is used to produce speech sounds

  • encouragement through meeting other cross-cultural workers on the journey of transition to a new people group

  • 10 hours of skills practice with a language helper/nurturer in a small group

  • an age appropriate and fun children's program designed to help children transition well by building confidence in their ability to learn a new languaculture.

Our registration deadline is 30 days before a program. Please call us to inquire if it is less than 30 days before a program.

November 4 - 15, 2019 OMF Guesthouse, Toronto ON

June 15 - 26, 2020 Heritage Coll. & Seminary, Cambridge ON

November 2 - 13, 2020 OMF Guesthouse, Toronto ON

When Should I Attend?

When you choose to attend our programs is very important. We strongly recommend you attend PLANTS at least 2-3 months before your anticipated departure for your cross-cultural ministry. We have found that missionaries who attend closer to their departure date are often in a chaotic part of transition which makes it difficult to engage mentally and emotionally in relationships and learning. OM


The fees below are applicable for 2019.  Pricing may change for 2020 programs.

Single Couple Nursery
0-2 yrs
3-11 yrs
12-17 yrs
Commuter* $1340 $2585 $680 $775 $1015
Room & Board++ $1980 $3855 $680 $1070 $1555

* Includes tuition, weekday lunches, 2 dinners and coffee breaks.

++ Costs are based on double occupancy.  There is an additional charge for a single room.  Breakfast only is served on the weekend



 Alumni Recommendations


PLANTS is an essential tool for cross cultural workers to thrive in their new environment. It’s more than just a “How to learn a language”. It’s about building relationships, growing in grace & bringing ‘The Light of the World’ to people who don’t know him in a tangible and personal way.  Alumnus 2016

 What I expected from the training was to gain skills, tools and confidence for language learning and I did. What I didn’t expect was a shift in my perspective on language learning and the role it plays in allowing Jesus to be knowable through me. I am most thankful for this and more eager than ever. Alumnus 2016