Some endorsements from mission friends around the world.


See a video testimonial from Engineering Ministries International Canada here.

MissionPREP gives us the confidence that one large aspect of our missionaries' preparation is competently covered. We have been pleased with the dynamic of high caliber trainers using effective educational methodologies. The synergy of many agencies and church groups working cooperatively not only heightens the experience itself but it provides a good model for ministry.

Tim Jacobson, Training and Development Coordinator, SIM Canada

As Appointee Coordinator for SIM USA, I have for some years been involved in guiding our new missionaries as they choose where to do their “language skills and cross-cultural communications” preparation, and always enthusiastically recommend MissionPREP. We thank God for the wise and skillful help and training our folks receive there, and highly recommend MissionPREP.

Ed Welch, Appointee Coordinator, SIM USA

We have found our experience in partnering with MissionPREP in preparing missionaries for cross-cultural ministry to be a truly beneficial experience. The interaction that our applicants have with peers from other mission agencies has reflected the kind of interdependence that we believe is essential in this type of ministry. Along with this we have found the course materials and approach to be practical and effective. 

I would recommend the training of MissionPREP to anyone who is considering ministry in a cross-cultural setting and would like to encourage other agencies to consider becoming more actively involved in a partnership with them. 

Paul Hooper, National Director for Training, Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada

What sets MissionPREP training sessions apart is the professional resources, experienced facilitators and creative teaching environments which channel that passion into effective learning experiences. MissionPREP provides the best non-formal missionary training in Canada

Jon Fuller, National Director, OMF Canada

From beginning to end MissionPREP was focused on preparing our entire family for living in a foreign country and for the challenges of mission work. From the adults right down to the teens and young children they talked about world views, culture shock and cultural sensitivity, maintaining a strong devotional life and the importance of community. They also addressed saying good-bye and preparing for separation. They even put though into the foods being served during the week to try to expose the participants to a wide variety tastes from different countries. If I had to sum it up into one sentence I would say "It was refreshingly INTENSIVE and more than I expected.

Jeff Johnston, missionary OC International

My wife and I cannot say enough for the PLANTS program. The practical teaching that you will find in this course will be absolutely invaluable for your work overseas in learning a new language. ...If you are considering moving to another country to be able to share and show the Gospel clearly with a people group that speaks a language that is not your own - TAKE THIS COURSE! You'll thank us later.

Megan and Peter, Aid Workers in Turkey

MissionPREP's Impact training was very valuable to us, mostly for the fact that it put us in contact with people who have first-hand experience in cross-cultural ministry. The opportunity to ask our questions, and hear their perspective was invaluable. The course material was excellent, exposing us to aspects of other cultures that we were about to encounter, and offering some helpful suggestions for navigating difficult situations, as well as timely advice on how to survive, and even thrive, in a cross-cultural setting.  Our children also have very fond memories of our time at the course. This is a very good introduction for cross-cultural workers, which we highly recommend.

Dean and Stephanie Babcock, missionaries in Malawi


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