From  $1 250 // Two weeks (commuter)

PLANTS is a two week intensive program that teaches effective skills and the right heart attitude to help participants confidently learn a new languaculture (language + culture). Opportunity for immediate implementation of new skills is provided through ten hours with a Language Helper in a small group. Additionally, PLANTS for children is designed with age appropriate materials to help children transition well and gain confidence that they can learn a new language.


 In addition to new skills and small group practice with a language helper, a portion of the program covers basic phonetic principles and emphasizes why listening before speaking is so important. 

 Time will also be spent exploring the benefits of using a variety of language learning strategies and discovering your personal preferences. The program culminates in each student designing a language learning plan that fits the learner and their context. 



What to expect

  • a 10-day program (middle weekend without class instruction)
  • Discussion of benefits of grammatical and Language Helper approaches
  • an extensive resource notebook of languaculture learning techniques
  • understanding of the inseparable nature of language and culture (languaculture)
  • discovering the importance of entering a new culture as a humble servant
  • creation of a language learning plan
  • foundations of Phonetics: ears trained to begin to distinguish the fine difference between sounds and understanding of the structure of the vocal apparatus and how it is used to produce speech sounds
  • encouragement through meeting other cross-cultural workers on the journey of transition to a new people group
  • 10 hours of skills practice with a language helper/nurturer in a small group
  • an age appropriate children's program designed to help children transition well by building confidence in their ability to learn a new languaculture.


Dates / Locations


February 5 - 16, 2018 Toronto, ON Dr.Peter Pikkert    

June 4 - 15, 2018 Cambridge, ON Dr.Greg Thomson

Oct 29 - Nov 9, 2018 Toronto, ON Dr.Peter Pikkert                                                      



The fees below are applicable for 2017.  Pricing may change for 2018 programs.

Single Couple Nursery
0-2 yrs
3-11 yrs
12-17 yrs
Commuter* $1250 $2415 $630 $720 $945
Room & Board** $1850 $3600 $630 $1000 $1450

* Includes tuition, weekday lunches, 2 dinners and coffee breaks.

** Costs are based on double occupancy.  There is an additional charge for a single room.  Breakfast only is served on the weekend.






 Alumni Recommendations


PLANTS is an essential tool for cross cultural workers to thrive in their new environment. It’s more than just a “How to learn a language”. It’s about building relationships, growing in grace & bringing ‘The Light of the World’ to people who don’t know him in a tangible and personal way.  Alumnus 2016

 What I expected from the training was to gain skills, tools and confidence for language learning and I did. What I didn’t expect was a shift in my perspective on language learning and the role it plays in allowing Jesus to be knowable through me. I am most thankful for this and more eager than ever. Alumnus 2016