Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make the registration process as helpful as possible and have sought to provide you with information that will assist in your planning to come to Toronto for our seminars.

Please click on the questions below to see the answers to these frequently asked questions. We would also be happy to hear from you by contacting us directly at:

Phone: 416-840-5488



Questions about MissionPREP

1. What distinguishes MissionPREP from other missionary training programs?

We are delighted to be colleagues with such organizations as CIT (Centre for Intercultural Training) and MTI (Mission Training International) Our IMPACT, PLANTS, and RE-VIEW programs started through with the encouragement and assistance of experienced staff of MTI.

MissionPREP training is unique in a number of ways

  • For participants from the USA coming to Toronto, Canada is truly a “cross-cultural” experience.
  • Cultural and language aspects of the missionary experience are taught using a combination of dialogue education, experiential and formal instruction.
  • MissionPREP facilitators combine extensive field experience with sound academic qualifications.
  • Toronto is one of the world’s leading multicultural cities, which offers the opportunity for you to encounter people from most of the world’s major cultures.
  • Participating in worship and building close friendships in a supportive community are key components of our training programs.
  • the PLANTS Language program provides participants with self-assessments in learning styles
  • MissionPREP has a 69% success rate of matching participants with the language of their prospective host cultures
  • MissionPREP's two-week courses have a full children's and teens program.

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2. What airport is the best for me to use when I fly into Toronto?

If coming by airplane please plan to arrive in Toronto @ Pearson International airport. Please allow 2 hours between landing in Toronto and arriving at our facility. We ask that you confirm your registration with our office before booking your flights.

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3. What about participants coming from the USA?

We welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ from south of the border. Please consult the following website for up-to-date requirements for US citizens and permanent residents and their dependents visiting Canada.

It is also recommended that you have some documentation that informs the custom officials (if asked for) of the nature of the program you are attending and the address of the seminar location.

Bring some extra spending money so you can take advantage of sight seeing on the weekend. Niagara Falls is about 1.5 hours from Toronto.

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4. Can someone pick me up at the airport?

MissionPREP does not provide a shuttle service for participants flying into the area who have no mission partner in the Toronto area. Airport taxi prices range between $50 - $60 Canadian dollars for a one way trip to our facility in Toronto and $110 - $130 for our location in Guelph. Contact our office for advice about public transportation routes from the airport.

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5. Is there a dress code or style at MissionPREP?

MissionPREP programs have an informal atmosphere. Casual dress is encouraged during classes. You may require dress clothes for a church visit on the weekend. Bring clothes for outdoor activities. In the cooler months (Nov-April), warm coats, mitts, boots are the normal wear. For the warmer months, jeans, shorts (we ask that they be modest), and T-shirts, etc., are the usual attire for students.

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6. What can I expect weather and temperature-wise at MissionPREP?

We recommend you visit here to get up to date reports on the weather condition in Toronto at the time of your program.

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7. Where is my MissionPREP seminar located?

We run our programs in a number of different facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and nearby communities as listed on the registration page. Typically the location have been close enough to Toronto to allow for weekend exploration and visits to he ethnic neighbourhoods and churches of Toronto. Housing and classes may be in different locations, depending upon the time of the year and size of the class. Please contact MissionPREP with specific questions about the location and facility of the program you are attending.

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8. What do we do for meals while we are at MissionPREP?

During our two week programs your meals will be made on-site for you either in a cafeteria or dining room. On weekends only your breakfast will be provided. We encourage participants to explore the many ethnic restaurants in Toronto.

If you are commuting to the program, we require you to purchase a lunch plan in order to encourage community (and all the learning that happens around the table) and to include you in activities such as an ethnic outing, registration dinner, closing lunch, daily snacks. See the specific program pages for Costs are $175 for a single person, $350 for a couple and $80 for a child age 3 - 11 yrs.

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9. What about childcare?

We have a strong commitment to family and children at MissionPREP. We provide childcare for our participants with small children. For older children we run age appropriate specific fun and active programming withh parallel topics to the adult program.

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10. How can I find out more about the Children’s Program at MissionPREP?

At the time of registration MissionPREP will email you a questionnaire to complete. This will give you an opportunity to give details of your children routines and any special needs they might have. Children have age appropriate training.

Nursery – Newborn – 3 yrs; Adventurers – 4-6 yrs; Navigators 7-12 yrs

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Questions about Programs

1. Do we have homework assignments at MissionPREP?

Participants in the PLANTS Language program are required to complete approximately one hour of homework each evening. Participants of IMPACT are encouraged to reflect on the days topics each evening.approximately 30 minutes of reading each evening.

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2. What is the typical daily/weekly schedule for the classes?

MissionPREP seminars begin at 8:45 am and finish each afternoon at 4:30 pm. We have one evening activity of visiting an ethnic community in Toronto. All other evenings are yours to study, fellowship with other participants or visit in Toronto. Because of the intensity of the seminars we discourage making other plans during Monday - Friday.

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3. Will I be free on weekends to explore Toronto?

Though there is no class on Saturday or Sunday, you will be given an assignment to complete in one of the ethnic neighbourhoods of Toronto on Saturday and we encourage you to visit an Ethnic church in the city on Sunday. We encourage visitors to Toronto to explore the many events taking place especially on the weekends. To find more information on “What’s Happening in Toronto please check out this web site:

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4. When will the MissionPREP seminar conclude?

The two-week MissionPREP seminars conclude after lunch on the second Friday. Please do not book your flight from Toronto until after 3:00pm. We strongly discourage participants from leaving the seminar before the official closing ceremony as this disrupts the sense of community which has been built over the two weeks together.

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5. Do you offer any degrees or certificates?

MissionPREP does not have a degree program. We present paper certificates on completion of your specific seminar.

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6. Can a person simply audit classes at MissionPREP?

MissionPREP does not have provision at this time for auditing classes. There is only one exception to this: When a couple attending a seminar has only one spouse enrolled for a course because the other spouse has taken the course elsewhere, we have on occasion allowed the non-enrolled spouse to audit the class for a small fee.

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7. Do wives have to take the classes?

MissionPREP does not "make" anyone register for a class. Though MissionPREP strongly encourages both spouses to take the classes, it is up to the sending church/agency and the missionary to decide which classes are the best fit for them.

That said, it is the general rule that both husband and wife are significantly involved in ministry and because of this, both will be significantly impacted by the training.

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Questions about Registration & Payment

1. How can I register for MissionPREP?

There are two ways to register for courses at MissionPREP:

  1. You can register on-line by visiting the appropriate Program page
  2. You can call us at 416-840-5488 or email us at and request a registration form and we will send one to you.

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2. When should I register?

The earlier you register for any seminar, the more certain you will be of assuring your place. However, we do not set a specific deadline for registration. If there is a spot available and housing available, you are welcome to register.

It helps us in planning and preparing books and materials for the class if students will register as soon as they can.

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3. Is there a registration fee involved with registering?

MissionPREP requires a deposit at the time of registration of $100 per adult for our two-week seminars and $50 for the one- or two-day seminars. While we do not accept credit cards, we hold all online registrations as valid for two weeks to allow time for the registrant to send us a cheque or money order.

This deposit is not an added fee. It is just that - a deposit. We will deduct the amount of your deposit from your final invoice.

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4. Can I get a refund on my registration deposit if I can't take a class?

All registration deposits are non-refundable (unless we cancel the class). However, registrations can be transferred to another seminar at a later date.

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5. Can I transfer my registration to another date/time?

While registration deposits are not refundable, they are transferable (to the registrant only) to another course or to another term. Registrations are not transferable from one person to another person.

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6. When is my bill due for the courses I'm taking at MissionPREP?

Your deposit is due at the time of registering for the seminar. The balance of payment is due two weeks before the seminar begins, however we prefer you make payment as soon as possible. The invoice will include your tuition, housing & materials.

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7. How do I pay my bill and to whom?

Cheques should be made out to “MissionPREP.” We currently have the following ways for you to pay your bill - by cash, cheque, or money order. We can invoice your church or sending agency for your expenses while at MissionPREP. You indicate during registration whom you want MissionPREP to invoice.

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8. Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately not. We cannot accept credit cards at this time. Credit cards companies charge a service fee to vendors for using their service and MissionPREP would have to pass those charges on to the participants.

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9. Can you bill my agency directly for the deposit?

Yes, we can bill your agency directly. Please provide the contact information on the registration form.

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10. Can you bill my agency directly for the tuition?

Absolutely! Please be sure to give us very detailed information on your registration form on who your contact person is (if there is someone who needs to approve your invoices) and the mailing address where it needs to be sent.

Our general procedure is to give you a copy of your invoice to approve so that if there are any errors they can be corrected before sending the invoice on to your agency.

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11. How much can I expect my books & materials to be?

The materials required for the course are included in the initial invoice.

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12. What other expenses can I expect while at MissionPREP?

Please remember you will need money to purchase lunch and dinner on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend.

If you are commuting to the seminar you may be required to pay a facility user fee of $7/day when the seminar is held at the OMF training facility. This will show on your initial invoice.

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Questions about Housing

1. How do I register for housing?

When you register for a seminar with MissionPREP you will indicate whether you require housing or not. You must let us know if you have any special needs such as allergies or a single room (which is available at a premium.) All prices quoted on our website are based on double occupancy.

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2. How do I get my room key when I arrive?

MissionPREP's two-week seminars usually begin with registration 3:30pm on Monday afternoons. We therefore encourage participants flying into Toronto to arrive no later than 2pm at Pearson airport. MissionPREP staff will assist you during registration to find your assigned room where you will be staying.

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3. How much is housing for MissionPREP?

Room/Board costs for our two-week seminar based on arriving Monday to Friday noon of the second week Friday:

  • $725 for a single person
  • $1395 for a couple
  • $330 for those 3-11 yrs

Nursery fee (age 0 - 2 yrs) is $450 for the two weeks inclusive of all costs.

There is a separate meal pricing if you are commuting to the seminar.

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4. Are the rooms furnished?

All of the accommodations are furnished. They are either “dorm” rooms or “Bed & Breakfast” facilities. Bed and bath linens are also provided.

Please enquire with our office about any special items required for young children such as playpens, highchairs, strollers etc. There are a limited number available. If the children are under the age of 12 they must stay in the parent’s room. For children over the age of 12 you may request an extra room.

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5. Are linens provided?

Yes, all bed and bath linens are provided for all of our accommodations. You should bring any special items that are required for young children.

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6. Is there laundry service available?

Yes there are coin-operated laundry facilities available.

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7. Is there phone and modem access in the rooms?

We have a wireless internet network in our classroom and most of our accommodations. You will need to purchase a long distance calling card in order to make long distance calls from the telephones. Local calling is free.

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8. Are there televisions and/or VCRs in the rooms?

In most of our facilities there is a "Common Room" area which has a television and a VCR for participants use. However, MissionPREP does not supply televisions or VCR/DVD equipment to individual dwellings.

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9. What if I have a large family?

If you have more than two children you may wish to request an extra room. If the children are under the age of 12 years you will need to have a parent in each room.

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